The Olive Tree Garden Company
The Olive Tree Garden Company


Have a look at some of our latest projects including Patios, Water Features, Timber Work and Garden Design.

Sandstone Paving And Walling
Sensory Garden 1
A Sandstone Patio
Gravel Driveway
Garden Of Circles
Decking In A Confined Space
Sensory Garden 2
A Hand Drawn Design
Summer Terrace 3
Water Feature 2
Hedge Trimming
Lawn And Patio
Decking And Pergola
Raised Patio
Cobblestone Paving 1
Garden Of Circles 2
Sensory Garden 3
Sandstone Paving And Walling
Travertine Paving
Summer Terrace 1
Summer Terrace 2
Water Feature 3
A Sandstone Patio 2
Sandstone Paving and Walling
Cobblestone Paving 2
Water Feature
Stone Circle
Courtyard Paving
A Sandstone Patio 3
Oak Decking And Wall
Sandstone Path
Granite And Sandstone

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